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Wealth Powertime Events

October 2022 will be the last month of Wealth Powertime Events

*Please note that subscriptions will no longer be processed after September 25, 2022 PDT. However, you will still have access to participate in all of the Wealth Powertime Events in October. You do not need to take any further action regarding your subscription. It will be automatically canceled on your behalf.

The Easiest Way to Benefit from Shreem Brzee Rituals Every Month

If you love Shreem Brzee, Pillai Center’s Wealth Powertime Events were commissioned especially for you. You can now sign up just once to always be included in the live interactive monthly powertime ceremonies for Shreem Brzee. Each month, you will have the opportunity to join weekly interactive live streams guided by our teachers. They will lead you through invocations for the Shreem Brzee Goddess targeted to generate benefits more powerful than meditation. 

Rituals are More Powerful Than Meditation

According to Dr. Pillai and the Siddhas, rituals are even more powerful than meditation. There are some rituals that are equivalent to hundreds of years of meditation. Dr. Pillai gives rituals so much importance that he depends on them more than meditation to produce results.

Dr. Pillai has quoted Krishna’s discussion with his friend and student, Arjuna, from the Bhagavad Gita, about how the Gods and Goddesses are obligated by Divine Law to give wealth back to you in return for your offerings.

“Krishna says it is Divine Law. When the world was created, it was agreed upon, particularly the earth plane, that the relationship between the humans and the Divine will be one of mutual cooperation, reciprocity, “Parasparam” in Sanskrit; this is the word that Krishna uses, “mutual.” So offerings are critical. It is not just a superstition. These Deities, or Gods and Goddesses, do exist. Once you have satisfied them with offerings, they will come and give you abundance.”

Dr. Pillai 

Formulated to Accelerate Wealth Manifestation

This ritual package is targeted to produce more results than meditation. It has been formulated with specific rituals and components that work together to fast-track wealth creation by compelling key archetypes to intervene and manifest on your behalf.  

  • Fast-track a new destiny with the intervention of key wealth archetypes.
  • Accelerate the materialization of your wealth goals and all-around prosperity.
  • Take advantage of the pivotal wealth creation powertimes.

Participants Are Sharing Profound Feedback

A Sacred Design to Link You Directly with the Divine

As Dr. Pillai teaches, what needs to happen is for you to successfully connect with the Divine. The problem is, because of the human ego and the conditioning experienced from a very young age, it can be difficult to accomplish even if you are chanting and meditating. Unless you can bypass your limited identity, it can be challenging for you to establish a link to the Divine on your own.

Rituals are a technology which are targeted to take “you” out of the equation to create a direct connection with the Divine. They were formulated by the enlightened masters to bridge the gap of the limited human consciousness with the super-consciousness of miracles.

How Pillai Center's Wealth Powertime Events Work

1. Weekly Invitations

Each week, you will be invited to join live-streamed webcasts with Pillai Center teachers. 

2. Interactive Live Streams

During the live streams, you will learn the deeper meaning of the ritual, why it is being performed, and how to participate from home to invoke the energy into your mind, body, and soul in the most powerful way. Our teachers will lead you in prayer through the various aspects of the traditional fire ceremony and special weekly offerings to the Shreem Brzee Goddess Mahalakshmi.

3. Replay + Proxy Benefits

In addition to the live events, you will receive access to the replays of each event. As Dr. Pillai teaches, time is an illusion. By watching the replays, you will have an opportunity to tap into the time the ritual was performed and access the energy that was invoked for unique blessings and empowerment. Even if you cannot attend live, your name will be included as a sponsor to help ensure the benefits reach you wherever you are.

What You Receive Each Month

To help accelerate your manifestation of wealth and transform your wealth-destiny, you can benefit from the combined power of group synergy and targeted interactive events in the Wealth Activation Powertime Events program, including:

1 Monthly Wealth Activation Full Moon Fire Lab

Of all the techniques, the Full Moon Fire Lab is the most evolved. It is the shortcut to obtain wealth.Dr. Pillai

Fire technology has long been considered the most powerful way to connect with Divine archetypes. Dr. Pillai coined the term “Full Moon Fire Lab” to emphasize the participatory and experimental nature of this Divine technology. During the interactive Full Moon Fire Labs, you will be guided on how to participate and follow along from home. Your name will be put into the fire to invoke your energetic presence so the benefits can reach you, even if you do not attend live.

4 Hour Full Moon Manifestation Meditation

After the Full Moon Fire Lab, you will have an opportunity to participate in a group meditation for wealth and abundance manifestation. A Pillai Center teacher will lead you through an audio from Dr. Pillai targeted to leverage your manifestation power using Shreem Brzee.

4 Friday Wealth Activation Sound and Light Ceremonies

Poojas are prayer ceremonies that use special offerings of mantra, light, and other materials to invoke the benedictions of Divine archetypes. Every Friday, one of our teachers will perform a live pooja to Mahalakshmi (the Great Lakshmi) by reciting 108 of her names. Dr. Pillai has shared that this form of Lakshmi specializes in destroying the demons of poverty consciousness.

Following this pooja, they will invoke the Shreem Brzee aspect of Lakshmi by offering the sacred ash known as “Kum Kum” to the Goddess while chanting Om Shreem Brzee Mahalakshmi 108 times. Both of these poojas will be performed during the double powertime of Friday and Venus hora for an opportunity to maximize their potential impact.

Sign Up Today

We are offering this package as a monthly subscription. We hope it helps you take advantage of this technology to bring wealth and joy into your life when you need it most.

Wealth Powertime Events

Monthly Subscription

  • 1 Monthly Wealth Activation Full Moon Fire Lab
  • 4 Hour Manifestation Meditation
  • 4 Friday Wealth Activation Sound and Light Ceremonies - @ 11:30 am PDT

Total value = $108

Your Price = $54/Month


Create Wealth with Shreem Brzee

“I want to make it very simple. Use this sound Shreem Brzee. Vishwamitra, the Benevolent Emperor of India, gave me this sound. He wanted to give the royal life he lived to everyone. He had to find a Divine means through which every individual will be able to create wealth for himself through his own consciousness. So you can use this sound, and then you can create. Fire labs are the shortcut.”

— Dr. Pillai