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Your donation will contribute to the $20,000 goal for Dr. Pillai's Birthday  Gift

PROGRESS: 250,000 of 500,000

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Express Your Gratitude

Dr. Pillai has dedicated his entire life to helping others, and so many people have been benefitted. People have often asked if there is something they could give Dr. Pillai as a way to say thank you. If you are one of those people, now you can! His non-profit humanitarian organization, Tripura Foundation, is extremely close to his heart. It empowers and supports impoverished children and families in dire need. We are trying to raise $25,000 in his honor, to support Tripura's mission to end human suffering. 
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Who Your Birthday Gift will Help


Abandoned elders living in extreme poverty, who have no one to care for them, are sought out and given clothes, food, medicine, basic living necessities and  LOVE to live with dignitiy.


The future of our world, Dr. Pillai's HoPE Centers and Phonemic Intelligence Programs empower underprivileged children, provididing them loving support, intelligence-enhancing education, and compassionate life skills.


Families living in dire poverty lacking the means to obtain enough food, are provided warm and nourishing meals through Tripura's Million Meals of HoPE Feeding Program.